How Do I Rank Higher Locally on Google?

If you are a small local business, showing up as a top result on Google's local search results is extremely important. If you want to grow your business locally it's a necessity!

In this blog, I will be explaining how to create a Google My Business listing for your business, how to optimize your listing, and some tips on maybe even becoming a top result!

The first step is pretty obvious, create a Gmail account. After that visit sign in and create your account.

After creating your account I would recommend downloading the mobile app. The app gives you the ability to check insights and change any information on-the-go. The application is available on both Apple and Android.

Play Store:

Apple app store:

Once you've created your listing, fill in as much information about your business as possible! Be as informative as you can without over exaggerating. Repeat your keywords constantly so Google can categorize you like you would like to be, don't be ambiguous.

The next step is to add CONTENT! Adding quality photos and videos are extremely necessary for building a great Google My Business listing. Now I know that not every business has a bunch of pictures or videos to post but you must add something! If you are a restaurant, photographer, marketing company, doctor's office, any company where people who are searching for you on Google and are looking to see your products or what experience they will have when they come to your business you need to add photos.

TIP: Have your friends add photos of your business! Google not only rewards you posting photos of your business but rewards your (imagine hand quotes here) "customers" posting pictures at your business.

After that, you must verify the location of your business. Google does this by sending you a letter via mail. Once you receive your verification letter verify your business as quickly as possible.

The next and most crucial step is to GET REVIEWS. Having the closest to a 5-star ranking on Google is extremely important. It not only help you rank higher when people are searching for your service, but it also makes you look more trustworthy when potential customers check out your listing.

The best way to start getting reviews is when you follow up with your customers send them the link to your business page and reward them for doing so. You can also contact your former customers and ask them for reviews.

Finally, ranking higher on your Google listings comes down to understanding the algorithm. Fill in all your info, verify your listing, add content, and start stacking up your reviews, that's all!

For more help on optimizing your Google listing contact us today!

Happy Marketing!

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